5 reviews for Broad Spectrum 500mg
5% CBD THC Free

  1. Katie Mocket

    The cat keeps trying to eat the rubber stopper cause of the cannabis smell. Must be really good.

  2. Corey

    I’ve used this CBD for the last 2 months. It works. I used to drink a bit everyday after work but during the lockdown my drinking turned into an all day thing just to feel better. So i tried some cbd and didn’t notice anything. I just kept taking it and I did notice I didn’t want to drink in the evenings anymore. I really am happier now and look forward to waking up feeling great every morning.

    • Robby Thompson

      So good to hear Corey! Do you have us on social media? Follow us on Instagram @pure_organic_cbd! We would like to use part of your story if that’s ok with you!

  3. Heather S

    Thanks for explaining what products do not have THC. I was so confused.

  4. Stephanie A

    Thanks for the free shipping, I got it and love it. The only thing better than the oil was the personal note you left me inside the box. I needed that. Take care.

  5. Micah M

    Switched to this 5% and I like it so far.

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With our Broad Spectrum 500mg CBD, you can experience the full plant extract and all of the important ingredients of the cannabis plant without the THC! Our careful organic cultivation and extraction methods ensures that we preserve all of the powerful constituents including:

  • Cannabinoids: Compounds found in the cannabis plant that interact with our Endo - Cannabinoid Receptors in our brains and nervous system, our ECS is in charge of Homeostasis in our body (creating balance, equilibrium)

  • Terpenes: Delicate compounds found in the cannabis plant responsible for its colour , aroma and flavour. Our careful cool extraction process preserves all terpenes. Just like CBD terpenes have important therapeutic benefits.
  • Flavonoids: Similar to Terpenes, contributing to the plants aroma and flavour, but also have their own therapeutic benefits

  • Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamins A,C E, B1 riboflavin, B2 thiamine and B3 niacin

  • Fatty Acids: Omega 3 and Omega 6 - essential for processes such as hormone production ,regulation of blood pressure and breakdown of cholesterol

Broad Spectrum 500mg CBD Oil and the Entourage Effect

First described by Dr Rapheal Machoulam, the Scientist who discovered CBD; Cannabinoids within the cannabis plant work together like an orchestra for maximum health benefits.

That is why we only produce oils with a Full and Broad Spectrum and not CBD Isolate.

It is the added benefit you get from multiple components of the cannabis plant together instead of isolating CBD on its own.

How Do I Take CBD Oil?

Dispense the desired amount of CBD drops under the tongue and hold for 60 – 90 seconds to ensure maximum bioavailability (percentage of CBD being actually absorbed by your body). By doing this, CBD oil can enter your blood stream via the mucous membranes under your tongue. This is more effective than having CBD pass through your digestive system.

What is the Right Amount of CBD Oil for Me?

Depending on your CBD intentions or requirement, the stronger the concentration of CBD oil, the more powerful the effects. It is recommended to start with a low amount of drops per serving once or twice a day.  You cannot overdose on CBD so you can safely increase the dosage and strength until you start to feel the benefits.

THC Free, Broad Spectrum 500mg CBD Oil

Our Broad Spectrum 500mg CBD Oil contains all of the Cannabis plants natural ingredients with no THC. It is legal to use our CBD oil in the UK and Europe.

The combination of therapeutic constituents acting together are more effective than any single isolated compound acting alone.

This blend was created for people who are involved in sports with anti-doping rules and workers in industries who are drug tested. In these professions, legal levels of THC at 0.2% are not allowed.

To check your specific product for all of the cannabinoids, click here to go to our lab reports page.

Here are some of the industries where drug testing may be performed:

Health Care & Hospitals – Social Workers – Transportation & Logistics – Government-Automotive – Manufacturing- Information & Technology- Insurance – Biotech & Pharmaceuticals – Professional Sports including football, cycling, running, baseball, hockey and body building.

With our 5% or 10% CBD you can choose the concentration that best suits your requirements.