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28 reviews for Broad Spectrum 5% CBD
Calm & Focused THC Free

  1. Nina Schauer

    I started taking CBD oil two years ago, and it has really helped me to relax after a long day of work. I got the 5% broad spectrum and it works great. I also use it in the morning because I tend to wake up feeling anxious. It definitely helps me with everything that is going on in my life.

  2. Alan Summers

    I have bought this product multiple times and it works just as well as the first time I tried it. i like the taste. I will likely buy more in the future.

  3. Andrea Turner

    I have eczema, so I not only use your CBD oil as a long-term solution but also some creams to help with the itching. From what I can tell, since using the CBD oil, the redness and swelling have decreased significantly. So glad I made this purchase from you!

  4. Rowan Gates

    As far as its been going ive been very happy with how the broad spectrum has eased my stomach issues will be buying again.

  5. Liam Sanders

    I have always received my deliveries on time, and the product has never failed to meet my expectations in terms of quality.

  6. Graham C

    Glad I bought. good quality, very happy .

  7. Nigel H

    I have never been disappointed with the service at this site. The products are fantastic, well-packaged and delivered incredibly quickly. This is my go-to company for anything CBD related.

  8. Glen M

    I’ve ordered from pure organic CBD a few times now and I’m always pleased with the product and service. I would definitely recommend it to others, and I’ll be ordering again soon.


    I have been using the BS CBD oil for a month or so it helps me to relax and eases my anxiety. I’m not sure if it’s the placebo effect or what but I feel more positive when using it. Overall, I’m happy with the product.

  10. Lee

    Since I started using CBD oil I find that I need painkillers much less often. My movement has improved as well–I’m not saying that it ‘cured’ me, but it has helped my mobility a lot.

  11. Marshal Andrews

    Your broad spectrum CBD is great, i take it everyday and feel better than ever i no longer have debilitating migraines they are far less intense than they use to be.

  12. Grace Moris

    Broad spectrum CBD oil is fairly expensive but good quality. Shipping is quick. Vegan and organic, that checks all my boxes.

  13. Anne B

    This broad spectrum CBD oil is great! It’s helped me a lot and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an effective CBD oil.

  14. Ramona Hurley

    My daughter started to experience panic attacks, so I had a look at your website and thought the 5% broad spectrum would be good for her, and it has worked wonders. I highly recommend this CBD oil.

  15. Leo Wilson

    I love this broad spectrum CBD oil! I’m nearly finished with my first bottle, and I’ve been sleeping better at night and feeling more energetic during the day.

  16. Kara Wringer

    Not only does this CBD oil taste great, it is also very effective. It helped me calm my brain down and sleep without feeling groggy the next day.

  17. Ada

    This CBD oil has been so effective in relieving my neuropathy and arthritis pain that I can now lead an active lifestyle without discomfort. In fact, I’m going to order more for some of my senior neighbors who are experiencing similar pain. Thank you!

  18. Charlotte Cummings

    I had a small issue with my first purchase, but i cannot knock how quickly it was resolved. the broad spectrum was great in the long run. I definitely recommend Pure organic CBD.

  19. Leigh-ann Roscoe

    I love your CBD oil and use it daily. I also have recommended it to everybody I know. I have all my friends and family using the the Broad spectrum CBD oil . I’m convinced that CBD oil is the way to go. Not only does it help with anxiety and pain relief, but it also gives me a sense of calm and wellbeing.

  20. Alana May

    For my Endometriosis pain it helps when i take two drops of CBD oil each day with my normal medication. Since taking the CBD oil I have had less pain or my pain has been managed better. I was sceptical about it at first but I love these CBD drops.

  21. Donna

    For the past two years, I have been using this product to combat pain in my lower back and knees with great success. Recently, my husband began using it as well and has found relief from his own issues.This is truly a wonderful CBD oil.

  22. Ellie S

    A friend first told me about this product, so I decided to buy it and see what the fuss was all about. Turns out, it really did help relieve some of my lower back aches and pain in my thighs! So now, I’m reordering because I genuinely believe it’s a fantastic product.

  23. Heather S

    Thanks for explaining what products do not have THC. I was so confused.

  24. Robby Thompson

    So good to hear Corey! Do you have us on social media? Follow us on Instagram @pure_organic_cbd! We would like to use part of your story if that’s ok with you!

  25. Micah M

    Switched to this 5% and I like it so far.

  26. Stephanie A

    Thanks for the free shipping, I got it and love it. The only thing better than the oil was the personal note you left me inside the box. I needed that. Take care.

  27. Corey

    I’ve used this CBD for the last 2 months. It works. I used to drink a bit everyday after work but during the lockdown my drinking turned into an all day thing just to feel better. So i tried some cbd and didn’t notice anything. I just kept taking it and I did notice I didn’t want to drink in the evenings anymore. I really am happier now and look forward to waking up feeling great every morning.

  28. Katie Mocket

    The cat keeps trying to eat the rubber stopper cause of the cannabis smell. Must be really good.

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5% Broad Spectrum CBD oil -THC FREE-

With our Broad Spectrum 500mg CBD, you can experience the full plant extract and all of the important ingredients of the cannabis plant without the THC!

Our careful organic cultivation and extraction methods ensures that we preserve all of the powerful constituents and provide you with an exceptional product.

How Do I Take CBD Oil?

Shake the bottle for at least 10 seconds before using. Place the desired amount of drops under your tongue using a mirror to aid you. Once placed, hold the drops under the tongue for 2 to 3 minutes. After, move the remaining CBD oil around your mouth using your tongue and swallow.

Remember, the more you absorb through the membranes, but stronger the effect.

What is the Right Amount of CBD Oil for Me?

Our 500mg CBD oil is our lowest concentration. Each drop contains 2.5 mg of CBD. You should aim to take between 15 to 20 mg per day to experience an effect.

Each person is different, so we always advise to start with a low number of drops and work your way up gradually. You will not experience an immediate effect with CBD as it needs to build up in your system over time. Stick with it and know that you are taking the purest CBD available with no compromises.

THC Free, Broad Spectrum 500mg CBD Oil

Our Broad Spectrum 500mg CBD Oil contains all of the Cannabis plants natural ingredients with no THC. It is legal to use our CBD oil in the UK and Europe.

The combination of therapeutic constituents acting together are more effective than any single isolated compound acting alone.

This blend was created for people who are involved in sports with anti-doping rules and workers in industries who are drug tested. In these professions, legal levels of THC at 0.2% are not allowed.

To check your specific product for all of the cannabinoids, click here to go to our lab reports page.

Here are some of the industries where drug testing may be performed:

Health Care & Hospitals – Social Workers – Transportation & Logistics – Government-Automotive – Manufacturing- Information & Technology- Insurance – Biotech & Pharmaceuticals – Professional Sports including football, cycling, running, baseball, hockey and body building.


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