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3 reviews for Equine CBD Oil

  1. Lois Apac

    We run a shelter for horses and we have been using Pure Organic CBD for the past few months to treat some of our horses with really good results.

    Selena in particular has really improved when she came to us she struggled to eat due to growths in her mouth. In this time she has gained approximately 50 Kilos and looks like a different horse!

  2. Sarah May

    My Mum has been using CBD oil for the past few years for pain and she swears by it, so I was intrigued when I came across this product for horses. My 18-year-old mare, Betsy, has suffered from arthritis for the past 2 years she is always a lot worse first thing in the morning and especially in winter. Tried this CBD and for the first 2 weeks not much seemed to have changed, but then a few days ago I let her out into the paddock and she galloped and bucked. I couldn’t believe it she hasn’t done that in years. She definitely seems to be improving! I am delighted and hope she continues to improve.

  3. Richard Hannon

    I have a thoroughbred 8-year-old gelding. He has always had a really nervous disposition, I think this maybe comes from when he was young as he was in training as a racehorse. We recently changed yards and this seems to have really unsettled him. He has now been on CBD for three months and it definitely seems to have had a positive effect on him. It could also be that he has got used to the new stables, but he is also a lot calmer when we are out we passed a tractor recently and he went past with hardly any reaction which would have never happened before.
    I’m really pleased with the results of this CBD oil.

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With our Equine Formulated Full Spectrum 20% CBD, your horse will benefit from the full plant extract and all of the important ingredients of the cannabis plant. Our careful organic cultivation and Co2 extraction methods ensure that we preserve all of the powerful constituents including:

With our Full Spectrum 20% CBD, experience the full plant extract and all of the important ingredient

  • Terpenes: Delicate compounds found in the cannabis plant responsible for its colour, aroma and flavour. Our careful Co2 extraction process preserves all of the terpenes. Just like CBD, terpenes have important therapeutic benefits.

  • Flavonoids: Similar to terpenes, contributing to the plants aroma and flavour, but also have their own therapeutic benefits.

  • Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamins A,C E, B1 riboflavin, B2 thiamine and B3 niacin.

  • Fatty Acids: Omega 3 and Omega 6 - essential for processes such as hormone production ,regulation of blood pressure and breakdown of cholesterol.

Why we sell Equine CBD Oil

First described by Dr Rapheal Machoulam, the Scientist who discovered CBD; Cannabinoids within the cannabis plant work together like an orchestra for maximum health benefits. Full Spectrum CBD oils are more capable at delivering relief and ushering in the therapeutic benefits than CBD isolate products. We feel that Full Spectrum CBD oils for horses is the best choice.

How do I use Full Spectrum 20% CBD?

Contrary to the belief that a horse needs more CBD than a human does, it is actually the opposite. You should only apply 2 to 3 drops to your horse’s gums before eating. This allows the horse to absorb the CBD through the mucous membranes and not be broken down by the liver’s first-pass effect. Bio Availability is the key. Go slow and take your time to ensure that the horse being treated is allowing the product to absorb for at least 1 minute. For best results, allow the product on the gums for 3 to 4 minutes.

How do I Find the Right Dosage and Strength of CBD?

A horse’s metabolism rate is much slower than humans. This means that a horse needs far less CBD oil than a human. We’ve formulated our Equine CBD to be effective at 2 to 3 drops twice a day. This is an effective dose for the average size horse up to 1500 kilograms. You can up the dosage by 1 drop every 3 days until the desired result is achieved.

What does CBD do for Animals?

All humans and our pets have an endocannabinoid system, it regulates many physiological processes such as hormone production, sleep, mood, appetite, digestion, temperature, pain relief, inflammation and bone growth.

CBD interacts with the receptors of this system helping to keep a natural balance and also enhances the actions of the cannabinoids that we and our pets produce by allowing them to stay active in the body for longer. Scientific studies have proved a positive effect on pain, fear, anxiety, loss of appetite, inflammation and epilepsy.

Many of our customers have found their pets are much calmer, anxiety and aggression reduced, and eating behaviour and digestion improved.

Our Equine Full Spectrum 20% CBD oil contains all of the Cannabis plants natural ingredients including a legal level of THC < 0.2%.


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Equine CBD Oil


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