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33 reviews for CBD Oil for Cats 300mg
THC Free

  1. Michelle Larkin

    We have 4 furry family members, ‘cats’, 3 girls, 1 boy, Bella 6, Willow 5, Binx & Tia-Beanie 4, a few months ago Binx stopped peeing had to stay with vets, I had all cats insured from we got them an it always just paid out in January every year, it didn’t this year due to change in policy the emails had went straight to spam so I hadnt realised they weren’t insured, after 3 episodes an a hefty bill we where recommended to re-home our boy, a friend recommended CBD for Binx so we researched an settled on this company hes been on it 10 days an it definitely chills him 3 drops twice a day, hoping because of this product we can keep him.

  2. Laura Kelly

    I have personally used CBD oil for my chihuahuas and found it to be very effective. I started by giving them a small dose and gradually increased it as needed. I have found that it helps to relieve their anxiety and makes them less hyper. great product, very pleased with it.

  3. Erin Bowman

    My cat suffers from seasonal allergies, but CBD oil helps to reduce her itchiness and keep her relaxed. She’s a picky eater, but she doesn’t mind the flavor, I always appreciate how my orders are filled and mailed right away.

  4. Adam Dorwitt

    My 12-year old Shih Tzu used to have really strong legs for jumping and running, but lately he’s been losing some of that ability. The CBD oil has helped him get much of his strength back. Thank you!

  5. Farah Edmund

    This CBD oil has helped my cat with various health issues, such as an ear polyp! i have never seen him so playful.

  6. Shaun Richardson

    My 19yo cat has what seems to be very painful arthritis and this CBD oil has made a noticeable difference in the way that he moves and his overall spritely-ness. He never notices the oil when I mix it in food. which is great because he is a picky eater.

  7. Ilan Anderson

    I’ve noticed a big difference in my cat Mikko since he’s been taking your pet CBD oil. He’s much more relaxed and happy, and I’m really grateful for such a great product!

  8. Mary Wiley

    Your CBD oil has improved our cat’s quality of life by helping to manage his separation anxiety. We are so grateful and happy! Our vet recommended your product, and we wholeheartedly are glad she did!

  9. Roland

    My dog used to have spasmodic seizures where his body would tremble and jerk as if every muscle was twitching. Vets didn’t know why this happened, but one vet suggested trying CBD oil. My daughter’s dogs also suffer from epilepsy seizures, so she uses CBD oil too. I decided to try your product and it worked like a miracle! Within a few weeks, my dog’s condition greatly improved. Needless to say, we are customers forever!

  10. Robbie White

    The products are awesome, the website was easy to use, and I got my order quickly.

  11. Edward Mannings

    The products are awesome, the website was easy to use, and I got my order quickly.

  12. Lucy

    This product has helped my cat’s osteoarthritis, and she is now able to move around so much better.

  13. Holly Ridge

    Our female chihuahua has been taking the pets CBD oil for her neurological condition for a year. It has certainly reduced the severity and frequency of her problem.

  14. Kane G

    The CBD oil for pets has been a godsend for my Chihuahua who suffers from an enlarged heart, kidney problems, and cancer. Since beginning treatment with the CBD oil, my dog has regained her appetite and energy levels. Thank you!

  15. Erick B

    After my 17-year old male tabby was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma, the vet recommended chemo. However, we decided to try CBD oil a few weeks later and have seen great results. The vomiting has stopped, and he is maintaining his weight!

  16. Ava Rickshaw

    We’ve been giving our cat the CBD oil in his food for a few months now, and although we saw results straight away, the real difference is visible in his behavior over time. He purrs often, doesn’t cry or seem distressed, and generally seems content. This is such a relief for us we are very thankful.

  17. Vivienne

    We’re big fans of this CBD oil for our nervous cat who also has mild arthritis. She seems so much better health wise, we are very pleased.

  18. Quinn Adams

    Since I’ve been giving my cat CBD oil, he has become much less stressed and more relaxed. great product, glad he is back to his old self.

  19. Roger Moore

    I’ve always been impressed by Pure Organic’s quick shipping. My dog has been seizure free for a year now thanks to their CBD oil..

  20. Shelly Baker

    We’ve tried a lot of things for my dog’s car sickness and nothing has worked as well as CBD, it also helps with the anxiety she has in the car.

  21. Murray Ellis

    My cat is allergic to everything and gets dermatitis easily, so I use this product to help lessen his symptoms. I use it along with his shots and it has helped a lot.

  22. Elizabeth Archer

    Since my senior dog has started losing his vision and hearing, he’s become more and more anxious navigating the house or going outside, Fortunately, CBD oil has helped to make a difference for him.

  23. Arthur Hicks

    I have been giving this CBD oil to my special needs kitty for over a year now, and he seems much calmer. He doesn’t seem to mind taking it at all.

  24. Donna Burke

    I have two older dogs who struggle with lack of appetite, arthritis, and dementia. Since I’ve started adding CBD oil to their food, they’re eating better and walking around being more independent. They also sleep soundly through the night now. Another great thing about using this oil is that it’s easy to give to them.

  25. Neil B

    Our 8-yr old female cat has separation anxiety, and we tried many other things that worked for a brief time, but never lasted. Her anxiety causes her to fur maul” or lick herself until she has bald patches. She licked the hair off her stomach and around her tail, But thanks to this product she looks completely normal again! She’s also been more active and more playful. This has been a life saver for her and a relief for us!

  26. Jennifer

    This product completely transformed my 10 year old cat’s behaviour. She was so anxious and terrified of anyone or anything that came in the house. Since adding these drops to her food, she seems so much more relaxed and comfortable. So happy to not have to constantly worry about her anymore!

  27. Trisha G

    My cat was SUPER aggressive towards certain people to the point that I did not know what I was going to do with him. I decided to try this, and safe to say he’s friendlier than he’s EVER been and I am SO relieved!! 5 stars !!!!

  28. Gemma St. G

    We picked up the Pet CBD oil from Robbie almost 3 weeks ago (great service ) and have been giving our 10-year old arthritic Labrador 4 drops twice a day since. We can definitely see an improvement with her walking and general movement. Will buy another bottle when this one is finished.

  29. Mrs Gael Small

    We picked up the Pet CBD oil from Robbie almost 3 weeks ago ( great service ) and have been giving our 10year old arthritic Labrador 4 drops twice a day since. We can definitely see an improvement with her walking and general movement.
    Will buy another bottle when this one is finished.

  30. A Murphy

    Many thanks for everything, I saw the lab report for this product (finally!)

  31. Rose Mckinney

    My chihuahua is much better having taken this product for the last 3 weeks. Many thanks for the all of your help and for reminding me to review this product. Hear from me soon. Cheers.

  32. Helen A.

    Saw this on facebook in a group. Wanted to try CBD for awhile and took advantage of the fact that you can ship to Spain. My order came quickly.

  33. Sandie Carter

    My cat thanks you Pure Organic CBD. Every time I use my CBD my cat watches me open the bottle and comes around for hers!!

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Your pet will get the benefit of the full plant extract and all of the important ingredients of the cannabis plant. Our organic CBD for pets is now available with Salmon oil flavourings. We use salmon oil from sustainable fishing, which is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, to help with your animal’s coat and skin.

Our careful organic cultivation and extraction methods ensures that we preserve all of the powerful constituents including:


cbd cannabinoids full spectrum

Compounds found in the cannabis plant that interact with our pets Endocannabinoid Receptors in their brains and nervous system, the ECS is in charge of Homeostasis in our pets body (creating balance, equilibrium).


cbd flavonoids

Similar to Terpenes, CBD Flavonoids contribute to the plants aroma, flavour and have their own therapeutic benefits. Flavonoids are a diverse group of phytonutrients (plant chemicals) found in almost all fruits and vegetables. Along with carotenoids, they are responsible for the vivid colours in fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids are the largest group of phytonutrients, with more than 6,000 types.


CBN molecule structure

Compounds found in the cannabis plant that interact with our pets Endocannabinoid Receptors in their brains and nervous system, the ECS is in charge of Homeostasis in our pets body (creating balance, equilibrium).

Vitamins & Minerals

cbd with vitamins a c e

Our CBD oil for pets contain the following Vitamins:

  • A,C & E
  • B1 riboflavin
  • B2 thiamine
  • B3 niacin

The Entourage Effect


What Is Entourage Effect

First described by Dr Rapheal Machoulam, the Scientist who discovered CBD, Cannabinoids within the cannabis plant work together like an orchestra for maximum health benefits.

That is why we only produce CBD oils with a Full and Broad Spectrum and not CBD Isolate.

CBD Isolate does not include all of the beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant and does not produce an entourage effect.

How Do I Use CBD for pets?

CBD for pets dogs and cats

Apply drops into the mouth or directly onto food. Start with 2 drops daily and increase depending on the effect. Don’t worry, it is not possible for your pet to overdose on CBD. The World Health Organisation has said that CBD is safe and well tolerated by animals.

What does Organic CBD for pets do?

CBD Oil for Dogs

Just like in humans, our pets have an endo-cannabinoid system. This system regulates many physiological processes like hormone production, sleep, mood, appetite, digestion, temperature, pain relief, inflammation and bone growth. It’s been shown that Organic CBD for pets could benefit our furry friends in a very positive way.

Thats because CBD interacts with the receptors that help keep a natural balance. Also, it enhances the actions of the cannabinoids that our pets naturally produce by allowing them to stay active in the body for longer. Scientific studies have shown a positive effect on pain, fear, anxiety, loss of appetite, inflammation and epilepsy.

So many of our customers have found their pets are much calmer, less anxious, less aggressive and with their eating behaviour improved.

Our Organic CBD Oil for Pets contains all of the Cannabis plant’s natural ingredients with no THC, heavy metals or pesticides. You can read all about what is inside each batch of CBD we sell by clicking on the lab reports tab in the description of each product. There you will learn about all of the compounds each of our products has, and which compounds they don’t have. Here is why that is important.

The compounds in cannabis work together offering therapeutic benefits that are superior to CBD isolated on its own (CBD Isolate). This is known as ‘The Entourage Effect’. The entourage effect will help your pet benefit from the entire natural power of the cannabis plant.

The combination of therapeutic constituents acting together are more effective than any single isolated compound acting alone.

For more information about why organic CBD oil for pets could benefit your own animals, please see our CBD oil for Pets. You can also read the World Health Organisation report here.

Proud to be

vegan gmo free organic natural CBD oil uk

organic cbd oilPure cbd oilCBD leafly certified quality




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