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About our Organic CBD Dog Treats

Some of the ingredients in our CBD treats for dogs. This includes organic CBD extract, Ashwagandha powder, Lions Mane and passion flower.

Full of Health Promoting Ingredients

Our CBD dog treats are packed with high quality organic ingredients that all work together to improve your dog's health.

Over the years, Pure Organic CBD for Pets has worked with dog charities along with thousands of dog owning customers to learn more about what works. There feedback had two major themes: Dogs who suffer from pain and dogs who are anxious.

With this information, we've carefully created a cbd treat a dog that includes CBD along with other natural ingredients that help promote calm and wash away anxiety. You and your dog will absolutely love our CBD dog treats.

The range of pet products from Pure Organic CBD. This image shows from left to right: 600mg CBD oil for dogs, 2000mg CBD for Equine, CBD Dog Treats 600mg, 300mg CBD for Cats. All products are organic and have been effective in helping animals lead healthier lives.

CBD Treats for Dogs Now Part of Our Family of Pet Products

Our CBD Treats for Dogs join our distinguished line of pet CBD products. All of our pet products, including our Dog CBD chewables, are certified organic and effective with just the right dose of CBD for any dog and any ailment. Best of all, we've maintained all of our prices to be affordable for all pet owners so you never have to compromise when it comes to your dog's health.

For dog owners looking for the best CBD dog treats on the market you will not find a better product.

What are CBD Dog Treats Good For?

Every dog owner wants the best for their companion. Our CBD dog treats were developed with this in mind. We wanted to address the dog owners' most common concerns like joint pain, inflammation, mood swings, and age-related challenges. Each treat contains 10mg of high-quality CBD sourced from a single family farm in Switzerland.

But there's more to these treats than just CBD. They're enriched with ashwagandha, lion's mane, and passionflower. Ashwagandha is known for its stress-relieving properties, lion's mane may help with your dog's brain health and passionflower is known for its calming effects; perfect for those anxious moments.

What sets our treats apart is the commitment to quality. They're crafted using the finest organic ingredients from sources you'd trust for your dog. We wanted to create the best CBD dog treats on the market. We hope you and your dog love them.

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 7,5 × 7,5 × 6,5 cm

1 x Bottle, 5 + 1 Special Offer

3 reviews for Organic CBD Dog Treats
THC Free

  1. Jamie Mitchell

    Got an email about these new Organic CBD Dog Treats and thought, why not give it a shot for my old Lab, Max, who’s got arthritis. I’ve been popping these treats to him for a few weeks, and wow, what a change! Max is like a pup again, less limping and more playing. He absolutely devours them, and knowing they’re all organic puts my mind at ease. If your doggo’s struggling with discomfort, give these a go!

  2. Riley

    Received an email about new dog treats and decided to try them for Bella, my anxious Shih Tzu. These treats have really helped calm her nerves! Love the organic ingredients like Ashwagandha. Bella is more relaxed, and I recommend these for anyone with an anxious pet!

  3. Alex

    So, I got this email about Pure Organic CBD’s new treats, and I thought I’d try them for my German Shepherd, Rocky, who’s been having some trouble moving around. It’s only been a couple of weeks, and I can already see a huge difference! Rocky’s moving much better, and he seems way happier. I really like that they’ve added Lions Mane for brain health, especially since Rocky isn’t a young pup anymore. If you’re looking for a natural way to help your pet, you should definitely try these out.

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Image showing Organic CBD dog treats by Pure Organic CBD. The treats contain 600mg of CBD and 10mg per treat. Perfect for dogs in pain or with other issues CBD is known to alleviate. Organic CBD Dog Treats<br>THC ...


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