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A image of our 2000mg CBD oil set against a background of Switzerland.

All About Our Full Spectrum 2000mg CBD Oil

From it’s golden colour and robust aroma will tell you right away this is a high quality product. Our 2000mg Full Spectrum CBD oil delivers on your needs by providing 10mg per droplet. This is a serious product that is perfect for people with chronic ailments who want the very best for their health.

There is no mistaking the smell of a pure extract together which includes all of the beneficial cannabinoids found in our hemp. Those include cannabidiol (CBD), CBC, CBG, ∆8 and a legal amount of THC. This product is not found in any health stores, marketplaces or high street shops because of its purity and potency.

You will benefit massively by our hand trimming and CO2 extraction method which leaves no chemical residue or by-products.

a woman taking a dose of 2000mg full spectrum cbd oil.

How do I use Full Spectrum 2000mg CBD Oil?

We recommend that you take this product 2 to 3 times daily depending on your needs. For people just starting out it is important to use daily while CBD starts to be present in your system.

To use our 2000mg Full Spectrum CBD oil, follow these directions:

  1. Shake the bottle with the cap on tightly for 10 seconds. This allows the contents to be mix and the consistency to be even.
  2. Remove the cap and expel any CBD oil in the pipette back into the bottle.
  3. Load the eyedropper with about 1/4 of the way full.
  4. Using a mirror or a partner, place the desired amount of drops under the tongue.
  5. Hold the drops there for 2 to 3 minutes.
  6. After this time, move the CBD oil around your mouth with your tongue. The more CBD oil you absorb, the stronger the effect.
  7. Swallow the remaining oil. Be sure not to eat or drink anything for 10 minutes.
  8. Replace the cap and store in a dry place. Do not store in a fridge or freezer as our CBD is so pure, it will become cloudy in the cold.

What Dose Should I Take With 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Every person is different so there is not a one size fits all solution. A person taking CBD oil for sleep with have different needs than someone taking it for pain for anxiety.

What we can say is to start with about 30 to 50 mg of CBD per day. With this 20% product, that would be 3 to 5 drops per day. Gradually increase the dosage by 1 or 2 drops until you reach your desired outcome.

Visit our CBD usage and dosage page for more information.


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Based on 86 reviews

86 reviews for Full Spectrum 2000mg CBD Oil
Strong Relief

  1. Max T

    This CBD oil does not leave a lasting taste in my mouth like others do, Would recommend!

  2. F. Jenkins

    It’s now a part of my morning routine, I didn’t believe it at first but after a week I no longer had consistent pains in my back.

  3. Jack

    Quick delivery and excellent product

  4. T. Smith

    Absolutely amazing I will order this again!! I get regular stomach pains, since I started this oil it’s been amazing and have not had any problems.

  5. Harry Star

    Working late nights took a toll on me. This CBD oil has helped me maintain a clearer mind during those long hours and it helps me fall asleep faster, would highly recommend.

  6. Charlie

    This 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil is certainly a lot better tasting than others I’ve tried! I’m using it to try and reduce inflammation, I certainly feel better since taking it.

  7. Ellie McDonald

    Great product, It helps me massively with my anxiety! Delivery was really quick

  8. R. Davies

    After a sports injury, I was looking for something to help with daily discomfort. This CBD oil has been a gentle aid during my recovery.

  9. Jimmy Roberts

    I was a bit skeptical about trying CBD oil, but after doing some research, I decided to give Full Spectrum 20% CBD Strong Relief a try. I’m so glad I did. The product has exceeded my expectations, and I have noticed improvements in my overall well-being. I feel more relaxed, less anxious, and my mood has improved.

  10. Jeanette Gregg

    As someone who suffers from chronic migraines, I am always on the lookout for natural remedies that can provide relief. Full Spectrum 20% CBD Strong Relief has been a godsend for me. Not only does it help reduce the severity of my migraines, but it also helps me manage the stress and anxiety that can trigger them

  11. Doris Bender

    Full Spectrum 20% CBD Strong Relief is the perfect product for people like me who need a higher dosage of CBD to achieve their desired outcome. The 2000mg strength is perfect for my needs, and I love that each drop contains 10mg of CBD, making it easy to manage my daily dosage. The product is also easy to use and has a great taste

  12. Cecilia Cramer

    I have tried many CBD products in the past, but Full Spectrum 20% CBD Strong Relief is by far the best. The quality of the oil is evident from its rich aroma and taste, and I appreciate that it contains all the beneficial cannabinoids found in hemp. I have noticed a significant improvement in my anxiety levels since taking this product

  13. Colin Savage

    If you’re looking for an affordable CBD oil that delivers results, then look no further than Full Spectrum 20% CBD Strong Relief. This product is pure, organic, and potent, and it’s been a game-changer for my overall health and wellness. I’ve noticed improvements in my mood, sleep, and stress levels since starting to use it.

  14. Samantha McClain

    I’ve been using Full Spectrum 20% CBD Strong Relief for a few months now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I suffer from chronic pain, and this CBD oil has significantly reduced my pain levels, allowing me to enjoy daily activities that were once difficult for me. It’s also great to know that the product is natural, safe, and legal.”

  15. Ida Lane

    I love this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil! It’s easy to use and the results are amazing. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my overall mood and well-being.

  16. Vanessa Oliver

    I’ve been taking this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil for my chronic fatigue syndrome and it has helped me so much. I have more energy throughout the day and I’m able to do more without feeling completely drained.

  17. Jillian Curtis

    This 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil has helped me with my digestion issues. I feel less bloated and uncomfortable after meals, and I’m able to enjoy food more without worrying about the consequences.

  18. Marilyn Summers

    I’m so happy I found this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil. It’s the perfect strength for me and I love that it’s all natural. I feel confident knowing that I’m not putting any harmful chemicals into my body.

  19. Ernie Keller

    I’ve been using this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil for my arthritis and it has made a huge difference. I’m able to move around more freely and I’m in less pain overall

  20. Todd Curran

    I can’t say enough good things about this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil. It’s the best I’ve tried and I’m recommending it to all my friends and family.

  21. Nell Merrill

    This 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil has helped me with my anxiety and depression. I feel more balanced and centered throughout the day, and I’m able to enjoy the little things more.

  22. Marshall Hodges

    I’ve been taking this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil for my headaches and it has worked wonders. I used to get migraines regularly, but since taking this oil, they’ve become less frequent and less severe.

  23. Teri Stratton

    This 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil is a must-have for anyone dealing with chronic pain. It has helped me so much with my back pain and I’m able to get through the day without feeling constantly uncomfortable.

  24. Shelby Durham

    I’m so glad I found this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil. It’s the perfect strength for me and I love that it’s organic and pure. I feel confident knowing that I’m putting a safe and effective product into my body.

  25. Felipe Donahue

    This 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil is truly a game-changer. It has helped me with my joint pain and inflammation, and I’m able to move around more easily now.

  26. Jorge Goldstein

    I love this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil! It’s so easy to use and the results are almost immediate. I’ve been sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed.

  27. Meghan Roach

    I’ve been taking this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil for my anxiety and it has helped me tremendously. I feel more calm and relaxed throughout the day and I’m able to manage my anxiety better.

  28. Krista Robertson

    I’ve been using this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil for a few weeks now and I can already feel the difference. My chronic pain has decreased significantly and I feel more energized and focused.

  29. Paula Monroe

    I’ve tried many CBD oils, but this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil is by far the best. It has a great taste and smell, and the results are truly amazing. I use it daily to help me relax and feel more calm.

  30. Anna Cairns

    After years of Lyme Disease, I have constant nerve pain and other issues that make it difficult to get through life normally. However, CBD has helped me immensely by alleviating my pain and allowing me to function as a normal person again.

  31. Seamus M

    I am a disabled veteran who experiences a lot of joint pain. I take your CBD oil twice a day and it has relieved my pains, thank you.

  32. Isabel Drew

    This CBD oil has helped me a lot with my pain from arthritis and other hip problems. When the pain is reduced, it makes for a much better day.


    I have been using your product for two years now, and it has definitely helped with my anxiety issues. great CBD oil works well.

  34. Phyllis Wurner

    I use it throughout the day, and as a sleep aid instead of melatonin it works great, Thank you!

  35. Curtis E

    I’m impressed! Finally, something that does what it’s supposed to, very pleased.

  36. David W

    Before trying your 20% CBD oil I was very nervous as I did not know what to expect. I have had my experiences with other forms of cannabis use and did not have the best time, as I suffer from panic attacks. I needed something to calm down my anxiety. Due to recent events in my life, my anxiety has skyrocketed. For about 2 weeks I continually used the CBD oil twice a day and then I started to notice a difference in my anxious behaviour. I have been using your CBD oil for around a month now and I have never felt better.

  37. Zack McCormac

    Happy to admit I loved this CBD oil, it has helped relieve my back pain and helped with my insomnia. I have been having the best night’s sleep recently, for me it took a couple weeks to feel a difference. I understand for some it may take longer to feel the effects, but it is definitely worth it.

  38. Mandy Warbrook

    Hi, I’m Mandy and I am a very active person but I am getting older so of course I am struggling with keeping as fit as I used to be. I broke my leg a couple years ago while I was in a bike marathon and quite frankly it has never been the same. I also suffer from shin splints which I have had my whole life but more recently they have been extremely painful.I saw that CBD is an anti-inflammatory and though i would try it to see if it would help a shin splint flare up as well as my leg issues from the break. As a very sceptical person I wasn’t too sure but at that point I was really looking for anything to ease the pain. As I don’t trust pharmaceuticals so any natural option is worth a try to me. As i have been trying your CBD i have been going to the gym, going to pilates i have been outdoors, going on walks ,hiking etc. it’s been great a great experience love the product .

  39. Jim Carter

    The 20% is worth the buy. I suffer from chronic migraines which impacts my day to day life as i work in a hospital i couldn’t cope, until i found your CBD oil and it has worked wonders, i can get on with my work i feel more energised love this product.

  40. Liam Hill

    As someone with regular muscle spasms CBD has helped calm this down, they are not as crazy or random as they used to be great for at night i have never slept better. I feel fresh and ready for the day when I wake up. I am not as stressed about having my muscle spasms in public and my anxiety has definitely calmed down too.

  41. Amy Wilson

    I was researching CBD and CBD products and their benefits and came across an article about CBD and overall heart health. It can lower high blood pressure (which I suffer from) . Another post I saw explaining CBD’s neuroprotective properties. I just wanted to find something simple to ease my stress with my high blood pressure and that I would feel would do my body more good than bad. I am very hopeful with your 20% as my bottle has just arrived and I can’t wait to see the results.

  42. Matthew wright

    This is my first order. Everything went fine, the CBD tastes high quality. Let’s hope it helps.

  43. Morene simpson

    I love to try new things and explore the CBD market. I have many experiences with other companies but I have to say this might be the best yet. very good supportive packaging. The product was great and had a very pure taste. I am content with the range of testing this product has been through, thoroughly enjoy how content your CBD oil has made me feel.

  44. Katherine Q

    I was shocked by how effective this product is. I didn’t know that CBD oil existed till my daughter showed me your website. I have PCOS so I have experienced some very intense pains and needed pain relief but I don’t like to take prescription drugs. Your CBD oil has given me a solution to my problem in a way I feel comfortable, my pains are far more manageable, I can sleep better and I have more confidence in myself.

  45. Ricky M

    If you are considering buying some CBD i suggest you do. My experience with the 20% CBD oil as well as the 10% have been exceptional. I bought it to treat my arthritis. I have early onset arthritis so I wanted to find a product I could rely on for a long time and this is definitely it.

  46. Rachel B

    Effective, quick delivery, high quality. It is a remarkable CBD oil a little pricey but you get your money’s worth in the quality of it all.

  47. Derek Wurst

    I wondered if CBD oil would help my wife with her anxiety so she started using it by putting a couple drops in her morning tea and she has never felt better. I can say I’ve seen a noticeable difference in her behavior, and I’m thrilled I’ve bought your product.

  48. Kate P

    Pleased with what it has done for my energy levels i don’t feel tired during the day and i don’t have to run on coffee like i use to i am so impressed with how i am feeling there is no longer a dark cloud over my head i can think clearly and live my life with far less stress.


    Great delivery service. It was recommended I buy the 20% which I did. I’ve been suffering terrible with sciatica and I really do think it’s helping. I’ve only had it one week but already considering buying another. The payment transaction was great so to the delivery experience although correos express made me wait until 8.00pm for me to receive but that’s not this company’s problem. Would I recommend? Definitely

  50. Izabella B

    I play padel and usually when i play i get wrist pain that irritates me almost all the time. All my friends recommended cbd but i was not sure if it would work then i thought to myself its better then nothing so i bought a 20% bottle and tried it. I almost already felt my pain go away. I was so shocked by the results i really wish i bought this sooner so i wouldnt go through that pain any longer i highly recommend cbd and this company to anyone who is intrested or anyone who has constant pain

  51. Klant

    I AM very Happy with the cbd. The pain is still there but i AM sleeping a lot better. I take 3 drops 3 time a Day.
    I hope the pain Will Go down but i AM very positive about IT.

  52. Stuart Hornby

    I have suffered with hip pain when playing golf for a while now, so a friend recommended this oil and to be honest it has helped. I would recommend it to any one to try.

  53. Andrew Simmonds

    Friendly and rapid customer service with good advice. Product (full spectrum) works very well for arthritis. The difference on the rare days when I forget to take my drops is highly noticeable, proving to me the product’s value. Fully recommended.

  54. Jim P

    I would highly recommend pure organic cbd for anyone wanting a quality CBD product. I have been using the 20% for my arthritic joints for years. It has helped me to be able to stay active without pain. The company is excellent – informing me know about products and sales, plus is easy to order from and efficient at shipping my orders.

  55. Ron H

    I only put 4 star because it’s my first time using it and I’ve only been using it for a couple of days but I’m happy with the fast delivery and it looks great I’ve already recommended this product to family

  56. Marc B

    Absolutely fantastic service and product. The oil I ordered arrived at my father’s house 2 days after I submitted the order and he has since contacted me to let me know that the pain in his knee (which he’s had for years) has almost completely gone. He’s not felt as free and able to move around in years and is completely satisfied (understatement) with the product. I cannot recommend this website enough.

  57. Tye H

    I was not sure this CBD would work at all. My husband has had two back surgeries and one neck surgery. He also had nerve damage in surgery. This product is amazing. He is able to walk a bit farther with this product and the pain is now bearable for him. He was previously 85% bedridden. We have been using this product about 3 weeks and the difference of his movement is amazing. I will be buying this product for life now!!!!

  58. Emelie R

    It was not clear if the product was of quality, it is also the first time that I have tried it, I bought it for anxiety problems the first day that I tried it, it was four drops under my tongue and soon after I began to notice the effects, clearly one Serotonin explosion and lasts for hours at least in my case, it works with anxiety but you have to control the dose with a couple of drops is enough to stay well, I imagine it depends on each person, I weigh 80 kg feeling generalized well-being.

  59. Wendy

    I am an entrepreneur with a racing mind and have a very hard time falling and staying asleep. I’ve used CBD a lot in the past, but since moving to Europe have not found a quality substitute to what I was taking in the US. I was referred to this product by a friend here.

    It is excellent and works wonders. You can taste the quality. I take around 5 drops per evening. I also used it for when I had a headache that would not go away, worked well.

  60. Savanna L

    We tried the CBD oil for my son who is autistic to help with agitation and aggression, the oils seem to take effect faster and last longer. His agitation and aggression have decreased to almost non existent. Hopefully it stays this way. We are very satisfied with how it’s helping him. Also his speech has improved. The crew that works with him has told us how well he is doing. Totally satisfied.

  61. Finn J

    The product I purchased is brill… infact I made a 2nd purchase, My father’s Arthritis in his ankles have all but gone when the oil is applied. This 1st application lasted 3 weeks before the pain started to return, he used it again & the same result. You only need a minimal amount each tine.The 2nd purchase was for my wife’s shingle rash, after 8 days it’s starting to go, we tried various products but we think this oil really helped. All in all very impressed with both purchases, also you order online & it comes the next day.

  62. James R

    After hearing about all the CBD hype, I was skeptical at first. Thought I’d give the vapes a try and see how it affected my sleep. Through trial and error, I genuinely saw a massive difference when I didn’t use this before I slept, wouldn’t go to sleep now without one! Even tracked through my fitbit and saw such a difference! Guys supplied the products super quick and top-notch quality stuff. Couldn’t recommend any more.

  63. Anna B

    Amazing company with incredible products we use daily. The drops help us with recovery, health, and overall wellbeing. We have been customers for over a year and know we will be loyal customers for years to come. Thank you, for being a wonderful part of our lives.

  64. Leroy G

    Great Product
    I love the CBD oil. It has many benefits for me.

  65. Stewart B

    This was my first time ordering CBD oil and I found the experience to be quite easy and satisfying. I found the pricing for the product very reasonable and the variety available pleasing. My order was delivered promptly and I was happy to try the product for the very first time. Within 30 minutes of taking the product all of my lupus pains and anxiety were swept away. I will continue to use this product.

  66. Oliver G

    As a regular consumer of your product, I can vouch for its goodness. It allows me to retain a normality, by the suppression of pain and an increase in flexibility which would not be possible without it. I believe its greatest affect on me has been the ability to sleep. I had lost that because of the pain and discomfort I have to carry around every day. Thank you!!

  67. Jack B

    Game Changer!!
    I love this product its helped me so much

  68. Natasha B

    It’s great!
    Easy to take and effective

  69. Keanu G

    Love it !
    Gets me through the day

  70. Cassie E

    I’ve been gradually trying this for about two weeks now and i can notice a big difference thank you!!

  71. Sarah N

    Best cbd out there …. Very pleased

  72. Annie J

    So far the best CBD oil I have tried so far

  73. Darrell B

    Great quality, fast shipping, what more could I want!

  74. Janet N

    Every order I have had a question. Not because the company didn’t put all the info out there, but because my reasoning for my families use is challenging & requires so much attention to details. They knock top- notch customer service out of the park! I will tell anyone and everyone that if you are looking for clean cbd that helps with stress, anxiety, energy- you name it, this product is for you! We are not smokers and don’t even like vaping, we just needed the fastest way to knock depression & anxiety out before it turned into something ugly. This did the trick. I really can’t thank this company enough.

  75. Jaiden F

    Love your products.
    I’ve been using your products for over a year now and love them!

  76. Sophia F

    Very Pleased
    I have seen such a difference in such a short time. Love this product.

  77. Taylor P

    Honestly incredible and life saving, I take it everyday

  78. Seb Sadler

    The product is excellent. I take CBD for sleep and this product is the best I have ever tried. After taking this product I have recommended it to all my friends. If you want to sleep better, this product is great. My mother also bought some for pain relief and says she feels much better than before. Thanks Pure Organic CBD!

  79. Jeffery G

    I use it every day

  80. Miss SM Arthurs

    It helped me a lot with my cough and also with sleeping.
    After having a diagnosed allergy in my lungs causing coughing and lack of sleep I tried CBD oil and it gradually improved both symptoms. After almost three weeks the cough has subsided and I am sleeping much better and the oil is the only thing that is different. They are a really good company providing excellent customer service

  81. Richie

    From the first moment I tried it, it was very positive for me.
    I work in the hospitality industry and am always working under pressure.
    And since I’ve been taking it, everything is easier, without muscle aches or joints.
    I sleep a lot more than good.
    And above all it does not carry the psychotropic effect.
    Its price, at first I thought about it a million times but I do not regret it, it is the best € 90 invested in my health.

  82. Francis B

    Where have you been all my life?

  83. Albert P.

    I needed a strong dosage for my arthritis so this is perfect. It also costs less than down at the shop. I will stick with this product. Thanks.

  84. John Feek

    I have suffered with back pain for many years, and have tried several different painkillers with very little effect. After three days of using full spectrum CBD oil I am pain free and looking forward to returning to golf in the near future. I don’t know how CBD oil can produce such dramatic results, but can confirm that it does!

  85. Mr Barry Schofield

    My wife is 88 and suffers from a few ailments. She has very bad arthritis in both knees and finds it difficult to walk. She has been on strong painkillers for almost a year. Panadol and Tramadol was not strong enough so they gave her stronger painkiller. She was due to go into hospital for an Injection. She started taking Pure Organic CBD Full Spectrum about 2 months ago. She started on 2 drops 3 times a day. She is now taking 5 drops 3 times a day. We reduced her intake of painkillers From 3 a day to one after 4 weeks. We went to the hospital for the injection and when the specialist asked her how was the pain she said I don’t have it any more, he was delighted and gave us a card to get in touch if it returned (Unidad de Dolor Crónico) in Torrevieja Hospital. She has not taken any medication including painkillers for over 4 weeks now. She says she feels better in herself but still has a problem with Vertigo. We will definitely keep taking the CBD oil.

  86. Lesley Collins

    I cannot recommend this product enough !
    My 88 year neighbour suffered with shillings this year and ended up with nerve damage. She was in agonising pain on lyrica pain medication and still not in a good place. We read an article in a local magazine regarding this product and so we agreed to give it ago. Robbie was fab, we had the product the following day and within one week my neighbour was totally pain free ! We are on bottle number 2 now. All I will say is I have seen the results this product is totally amazing!!!! I highly recommend it , if you are in pain please try it !!!!!

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