4 reviews for CBD Oil for Pets 300mg
3% CBD THC Free

  1. Sandie Carter

    My cat thanks you Pure Organic CBD. eevery time I use my CBD my cat watches me open the bottle and comes around for hers!!

  2. Helen A.

    Saw this on facebook in a group. Wanted to try CBD for awhile and took advantage of the fact that you are based in Spain. My order came quickly.

  3. Rose Mckinney

    My chihuahua is much better having taken this product for the last 3 weeks. Many thanks for the all of your help and for reminding me to review this product. Hear from me soon. Cheers

  4. A Murphy

    Many thanks for everything, I saw the lab report for this product (finally!)

  5. Mrs Gael Small

    We picked up the Pet CBD oil from Robbie almost 3 weeks ago ( great service ) and have been giving our 10year old arthritic Labrador 4 drops twice a day since. We can definitely see an improvement with her walking and general movement.
    Will buy another bottle when this one is finished.

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Pet Safe organic CBD oil is specially formulated for cats and small dog breeds. Cats don’t have the enzymes necessary to break down terpenes. So we’ve formulated our pet 300mg pet safe organic cbd to be THC and terpene-free. We are so happy to say it is perfect for sensitive cats and small dogs.

Your pet will feel the benefits of the full plant extract. Plus, it is especially formulated for dogs and cats with salmon oil from sustainable fishing. Which means our Pet Safe Organic CBD is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These acids help with maintaining a healthy coat and skin.

Our careful organic cultivation and extraction methods ensures that we preserve all of the powerful constituents including:

  • Cannabinoids: Compounds found in the cannabis plant that interact with our pets Endo -Cannabinoid Receptors in their brains and nervous system, the ECS is in charge of Homeostasis in our pets body (creating balance, equilibrium)

  • Terpenes: Delicate compounds found in the cannabis plant responsible for its colour , aroma and flavour. Our careful cool extraction process preserves all terpenes. Just like CBD terpenes have important therapeutic benefits.
  • Flavonoids: Similar to Terpenes , contributing to the plants aroma and flavour , but also have their own therapeutic benefits.

  • Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamins A,C E, B1 riboflavin, B2 thiamine and B3 niacin

The Entourage Effect

First described by Dr Rapheal Machoulam, the Scientist who discovered CBD, Cannabinoids within the cannabis plant work together like an orchestra for maximum health benefits. This is also the case for our pets but, our pet safe organic CBD oil at our 3% strength does not have any terpenes or THC. Smaller animals can not easily digest some cannabis compounds, so to make it easier for them to benefit from CBD, we’ve had them carefully removed.

But, as a general rule about all of our products, we only produce CBD oils with a Full and Broad Spectrum and not CBD Isolate.

CBD Isolate does not include all of the beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant and does not produce an entourage effect.

How Do I Use Pet Safe Organic CBD Oil?

Apply drops into the mouth or directly onto food. Start with 2 drops daily and increase depending on the effect. Don’t worry, it is not possible for your pet to overdose on CBD; especially from our pet safe CBD oil because we specially formulated it for smaller breeds. In fact, The World Health Organisation has said that CBD is safe and well tolerated by animals. We took it a step further, and really want to give your favorite pet the attention they deserve!

What does Organic CBD for pets do?

Just like in humans, our pets have an endo-cannabinoid system. This system regulates many physiological processes like hormone production, sleep, mood, appetite, digestion, temperature, pain relief, and inflammation.

Thats because CBD interacts with the receptors that help keep an animal’s natural balance. Also, it enhances the actions of the cannabinoids that our pets naturally produce by allowing them to stay active in the body for longer. Scientific studies have shown a positive effect on pain, fear, anxiety, loss of appetite, inflammation and epilepsy.

So many of our customers have found their pets are much calmer, less anxious, less aggressive and with their eating behaviour improved.

Our Organic CBD Oil for Pets contains all of the Cannabis plant’s natural ingredients with no THC, heavy metals or pesticides. You can read all about what is inside each batch of CBD we sell by clicking on the lab reports tab in the description of each product. There you will learn about all of the compounds each of our products has, and which compounds they don’t have. Here is why that is important.

The compounds in cannabis work together offering therapeutic benefits that are superior to CBD isolate. This is ‘The Entourage Effect’. The entourage effect will help your pet benefit from the entire natural power of the cannabis plant.

The combination of therapeutic constituents acting together are more effective than any single isolated compound acting alone.

For more information about why organic cbd oil for pets could benefit your own animals, please click here. Or, read the World Health Organization report here.