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50 reviews for Full Spectrum 10% CBD

  1. Anne G.

    For five years my sleep has been broken, now I sleep a solid 7 hours, feel relaxed and less anxious. Thank you everybody at this company for the help.

  2. Mary T.

    Excellent Product!
    My husband is suffering from a lot of pain in his knees and has been using the Pure Organic CBD 10%. It has made a big difference to alleviating the pain he was suffering it has also lifted his mood.so a winner all round.

    I would certainly recommend the product to anyone.

  3. David M.

    Stopped the coughing and helped me to sleep.
    After having an allergy diagnosed which went into my lungs causing coughing and lack of sleep I tried CBD oil and it gradually improved both symptoms. After nearly three weeks the cough has subsided and I am sleeping really well and the oil is the only thing that is different. They are a really helpful company providing excellent customer service.

  4. sheilawilliams1.12

    I have to say that I (and especially my husband) have noticed a significant difference in my overall mood, stress and anxiety after using Full Spectrum 10% CBD Oil for two weeks. But, the biggest difference has been to my Interstitial Cystitis. November had been a particularly bad time for me, having lots of pain and discomfort almost every day, but 4 days after taking the CBD Oil, I have had no pain or discomfort for over a month.

  5. Miss S M Arthurs

    It really helped me with my cough and also to sleep.
    After I was diagnosed with an allergy in my lungs causing a cough that wouldn’t let me sleep, I tried CBD oil and both problems gradually got better. After nearly three weeks my cough has gotten smaller and I’m sleeping better, and the oil is the only thing that I’ve done differently. They’re a really good company that provides excellent customer service.

  6. Ivan

    Stupendous, I wasn’t expecting such a good result, the only bad thing is the flavour but it surpassed all my expectations very good product

  7. cecilia

    I recommend it 100%

  8. Rafael

    It’s no miracle, but I can feel a certain improvement in my sleep and inflammation.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I’ve tried multiple brands and this one is good. It doesn’t taste bad and the effect is notable. A little expensive but doesn’t disappoint.

  10. Lara


  11. Stephen Wallace

    Started using Pure organic CBD oil, 10%,two weeks ago. Had severe anxiety issues & rheumatoid arthritis in many joints. From the onset I had the best, most refreshing sleep that I’ve had for a long time. Unfortunately, initially, I still suffered the joint pains, at the worst in the morning, limping to the kitchen because of my foot and having to prise open the fingers of my right hand. After approx 10 nights of using about 5 drops, I can honestly say that the difference is amazing. I can walk first thing, with no extreme foot pain and my right hand is supple in the morning. I do still have slight pain and inconvenience but I am going to stick with it because I strongly believe that the CBD oil has improved my condition immensely. I recommend.

  12. Bruno P.

    I’ve been using CBD products in California where they are easy to find for about one year now, I’ve recently moved to Spain and I’ve been fortunate to find Pure Organic CBD. I’ve been suffering from knee pain for years and the only product that has helped with the pain and inflammation is CBD, I’ve got early-stage arthritis in both Knees because of torn cartilage and I’m at the point where I feel bone on bone contact. In California I used CBD capsules that were 30/1 ratio CBD/THC, Robby recommended I try their Full Spectrum 10% about 4 drops under the tongue which I had never tried and let me tell you that the results I noticed were better than the capsules I was taking in California. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from joint pain, arthritis, or any inflammation, It has done wonders for me and I’m positive it can help you too.

  13. Dom Feroze

    I bought the 10% bottle to help me with with my golf. It’s brilliant ! Sometimes I get really anxious especially if playing with people I don’t know and taking this each day just helps calm my mind. My game is so much better and I enjoy being on the course a lot more. Really happy.

  14. Ruby C.

    It helps with my pain and anxiety a lot, Thank you!!!!

  15. Debbie

    The perfect solution for a restless night!

  16. Samual


    Very easy to order, Had a great surprise when my order arrived in a couple of days

  17. Felix B.

    Best pain management ive ever used!! I’ve tried a lot of different things. But nothing comes close to this!

  18. Bruce s

    Exactly as expected
    Works great for me.
    Glad to know there is a quality product available, like yours.

  19. Patricia

    I love these CBD oils they are a lifesaver for me, it’s been helping with my pain and stress.

  20. Lydia S.

    I’ve been using the Pure Organic CBD brand exclusively for the last few months and its doing a great job controlling my anxiety.

  21. Daniele M

    Excellent Product
    Best CBD I have tried, works great!

  22. Preston F

    Great quality with great results! will definitely use again

  23. Luc P

    Product arrived faster than expected. Fair price and good quality.

  24. Millie M

    I take this at night before going to sleep. It helps calm me down so I can get to sleep and better sleep quality as well. I highly recommend this product!

  25. Isaiah H

    Thank you so much
    your products are wonderful! Many thanks!

  26. Kate L

    I have used CBD oil in the past, this brand is helping me much better. The look, taste and feel seem more natural and pure. It helps me sleep better and feel better every day. I highly recommend it

  27. Greg C

    Amazing results!!
    I’m a new CBD user and this product is a game changer!!!

  28. Lois T

    Great find.
    I am so happy this is available!

  29. Victory

    Very happy with this CBD oil.
    I had trouble sleeping, no natural remedies helped me, and I didn’t want to depend on pills so I decided to try this oil.
    I noticed the improvement within a week. It was less difficult for me to fall asleep and I woke up more rested.
    Little by little, I have managed to create and maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

    Now I only use it on the days that I am most nervous.
    It also helps me a lot to relax when I have peaks of stress or anxiety and it relieves me of menstrual and back pain very well.

    In short, I am very happy with the product.
    I would also like to point out that they have great customer service, a few weeks after buying it the company contacted me to see if I was taking it properly and offer me a promotion.
    I don’t usually write reviews but this time I really think the product is worth it.
    I recommend them 100%

  30. Lillie E

    Easy to use website and very quick delivery !!

  31. Damien

    This Product has a calming effect, every day stresses seem more manageable, sleep is more restful and deeper. This is my First time using any type of product like this, and I don’t hesitate to recommend it and will continue to use it, Thank You.

  32. Shaun E

    Hands-down the best CBD that I have ever tried. I will be a Customer for life! I have tried everything and there’s nothing better, ive already recommended it to all my friends and family and they all agree with me.

  33. Dillon L

    This product is very helpful this is definitely worth the money

  34. Cory M

    Amazing products
    Highly recommend this company to anyone looking to medicate with CBD

  35. Layton U

    a few months ago I was diagnosed with Follicular Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and I wanted to try something natural to calm my nerves and this helps! and I also feel like I wake up less tired. I give the seller a 10

  36. Olivia R

    Good product
    is what we needed, we’re happy with product.

  37. Miller M

    I use this for sleep. I work night shift. After a 12hr shift, it can be hard to sleep during the day. This really helps me sleep soundly and peacefully. i highly recommend!!

  38. Anne D

    Tremendous product
    I have been Using this for a while now!!

  39. Penny H

    Love it
    I have tried a lot of CBD oils and this one is the best Thank You!!!

  40. Hunter K

    Pleased with the purchase.. thank you

  41. Tommy C

    Above and Beyond, Excellent

  42. Branden T

    Just Great
    Good packaging, fast delivery and a great product !!!

  43. Kylie S

    This is my first time trying Cbd and all i can say is WOW, it has worked wonders for my lower back pain and i just want to say thank you!!!

  44. Don B

    neat product
    love using it !

  45. Herbert D

    Excellent quality and service. Best of the best!

  46. Reggie B

    I’ve been using this for many months. It gives me lasting energy, or all around well being and has helped my family as well. I will continue to use this product, I recommend it to others.

  47. Paula G

    This is a quality product, I’m so happy that i found it, Feeling better every day

  48. Zaida Cerisuelo

    There was a problem with the shipping and they fixed it for me right away and they made sure to compensate me for the inconvenience. I take cbd for anxiety and I have to say that this is one of the best, it has more flavor (I don’t dislike it) and it works very well for me. I recommend it

  49. Mr Simon Davies

    Fantastic product! I don’t sleep well due to a very high workload and have tried everything natural. Finally, I have found something that helps me sleep. I have also had problems with back pain and this improves it. I’ve never written a review, but felt like I had to share how great it is. Thank you.

  50. Elizabeth

    I have been using 10% Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for a week and I am very happy with the effects. I’ve been taking the drops with my avocado nut breakfast and it absorbs really well. The taste is also very subtle compared to many CBD oils that I have tried, the experience is much more pleasant.

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Full Spectrum 10% CBD Oil (The Most Popular)

Without a doubt, you will notice the difference in quality when you try CBD oils from our company. The Bio-Suisse Certified organic standard goes beyond what others simply print on their packaging.

We have every single detail examined so that you come away with the best CBD oil possible. We test the water, soil, heavy metals, fungus and other toxins. Pesticides can not be used on our farm for the last 15 years guaranteeing you get a product of unmatched quality.

All of our CBD oils used zero chemicals in the extraction process so there is no harmful residue. Instead, we use a process called super critical CO2. The final result is CBD in its purist form and ready to serve you.

If you are looking for CBD oil that is 100% pure, natural, safe and legal, look no further than Pure Organic CBD.

How do I Use Full Spectrum 10% CBD Oil?

CBD oil users report the best results by using our products 2 to 3 times daily. You first want to determine the amount of mg of CBD you want to take daily, the most popular being 30 to 50mg.

With our 10% Full Spectrum CBD oil, that would mean taking 6 to 10 drops throughout the course of your day. You can choose to split them up in to 3 equal doses, or if you are targeting sleeps benefits, use the majority of the drops right before bed.

For pain, an equal dosage through out your day might work better. An example of this would be to use 4 drops in the morning, 3 in the afternoon and 3 more at night before bed. You can mix the dosage up any way that suits you and there is not a one size fits all solution.

To use 10% Full Spectrum, simply follow these steps:

  1. Shake the bottle with the cap tightly on for 10 seconds.
  2. Unscrew the cap and expel any oil in the dropper back into the bottle. During the shaking process, this CBD trapped in the dropper did not have a chance to be mixed.
  3. Using the dropper, draw up the CBD oil. There is no need to fill up the dropper, just take out the number of drops you plan on taking.
  4. Using a mirror, place the drops under your tongue and hold for 2 to 3 minutes. The longer, the better.
  5. After this amount of time, move the remaining CBD oil around your mouth using your tongue. This ensures you absorb the maximum amount of CBD per dose.
  6. Simply swallow what is left over and replace the cap on the bottle.
  7. Keep you CBD oil in a dry and safe place. Also, be sure to put it where you will see it multiple times a day. This acts as a reminder for you until you develop the habit of taking CBD regularly.

What is the correct dosage for 10% Full Spectrum CBD?

It depends on your circumstances. While CBD is revered for helping people with pain, sleep, anxiety and more, it is important to know how CBD oil works. Simply taking a low dose inconsistently will not benefit you. Be consistent, take it each day at the same time. Keep a note of how you feel after 3 days, a week and a month.

Because everyone is different, we recommend starting with a low dosage and building up over time.

We recommend taking 30mg a day to start. So for a 10% product, that would mean 6 drops a day. After 1 week, it is safe to bring the amount of drops up gradually.




All About CBD


cbd cannabinoids full spectrum

Compounds found in the cannabis plant that interact with our pets Endocannabinoid Receptors in their brains and nervous system, the ECS is in charge of homeostasis in our body creating balance, and helping the body find an equilibrium.

CBD Terpenoids

cbd flavonoids

Similar to Terpenes, CBD Flavonoids contribute to the plants aroma, flavour and have their own therapeutic benefits. Flavonoids are a diverse group of phytonutrients (plant chemicals) found in almost all fruits and vegetables. Along with carotenoids, they are responsible for the vivid colours in fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids are the largest group of phytonutrients, with more than 6,000 types.

CBD Flavonoids

CBN molecule structure

Similar to Terpenes, contributing to the plants aroma and flavour, but also have their own therapeutic benefits.

Vitamins & Minerals

cbd with vitamins a c e

Our CBD oils contain the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamins A, C E
  • B1 riboflavin
  • B2 thiamine and B3 niacin.

The Entourage Effect

What Is Entourage Effect

First described by Dr Rapheal Machoulam, the Scientist who discovered CBD, Cannabinoids within the cannabis plant work together like an orchestra for maximum health benefits.

That is why we only produce CBD oils with a Full and Broad Spectrum and not CBD Isolate.

CBD Isolate does not include all of the beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant and does not produce an entourage effect.

Proud to be

vegan gmo free organic natural CBD oil uk

organic cbd oilPure cbd oilCBD leafly certified quality
a image of the front side of a 1000mg CBD oil product from Pure Organic CBD Full Spectrum 10% CBD


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