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72 reviews for Full Spectrum 5% CBD
Calm and Focused

  1. kassandra bairns

    Since taking this product, stress and anxiety are no longer issues for me. In addition, I’m now able to sleep better at night since I feel more relaxed during the day. Around 3pm is when I take it and by bedtime, I still feel its effects!

  2. Greg James

    This is helpful in numbing arthritis pain and makes it more manageable..

  3. Aiden

    Good service.

  4. Neil Wyres

    The oil’s results are great, but im not too keen on the taste, but it serves its purpose.

  5. Hannah Davidson

    I’ve been using pure organic CBD for a couple months now and think it great i get so much relief from your 5%, such a great product.

  6. Linda Elise Browning

    I seem to heal faster from soreness in my joints, i sleep much better and feel amazing in the morning. pure organic cbd delivers quickly and is priced fairly. Love it!

  7. Zach Dominics

    Ever since taking the 5% CBD oil myself and my family have seen a change in my behavior. I am no longer tense, or become angry at the little things. I feel my appetite coming back. Overall I am feeling much better about myself.

  8. Henry B

    Truly was amazed on how efficient and fast they were in getting my product to me. Really happy with the results and will definitely be recommending this to my friends and family.

  9. Paul Howell

    Amazing product (5% full spectrum) helped with my arthritis dramatically, great customer service and quick delivery always.

  10. Arda Brooks

    i work in a women’s prison and to work in this line of work can be intense to say the least i take your CBD oil in the morning and afternoon to manage the stress of the job and it does a fantastic job. The 10% is looking very tempting so i might buy that when my current bottle is finished, great product.

  11. Ross Bower

    Recently my cluster headaches have been quite bad. I just wanted something to help lessen the intensity of the headaches and this CBD oil has most definitely helped. I may go up to 10% and see if that helps decrease the intensity even further. I don’t expect the CBD oil to completely take the pain away but so far the effect it has had it absolutely helps me to manage the pain.

  12. Claire Williams

    Moms all around the world should be using this CBD oil it is a real life saver. I have been using it for about a month and i cannot recommend it enough. i have 4 kids all of them are under 10 years old and oh my it is a struggle finding the patience in times when its most definitely needed. one of my close friends Katherine told me to try your CBD oil as she said it has helped her with the stress, so i did and i will definitely be buying from this company again, i find it much easier staying calm when my kids are testing my patience, i feel i have a clearer mind and my stress levels feel as though they have gone down. 10/10

  13. Ethan Spurrows

    Last year i tried a brand of CBD oil and had a bad reaction to it and ever since then i was too nervous to try CBD oil again. My mum recommended me to your website after she tried it and i must admit i was very nervous before trying your CBD oil because of what happened last year, but i had no reaction. I enjoyed how i felt after a couple weeks of being on it. I initially was trying to find some CBD oils to help with my chronic pain and anxiety so its great i found pure organic CBD.

  14. Richard Monse

    very good but the taste was quite intense, i may start adding it to my teas or coffees, apart from that the product was good, good packaging, quick delivery, decent price.

  15. Eliza May Arden

    I work in hospitality, and as a waitress you can encounter some very rude people. Most days i use CBD before my shift otherwise I wouldn’t be able to deal with the stress. its a great product, keeps me positive and helps A LOT with my anger issues.

  16. Audrey M

    My nana has Parkinson’s and after doing some research we came across CBD oil possibly helping people with Parkinson’s. i bought the smallest dose just to see how she would react and so far she is doing great. She has it morning and night, everyday without fail.The shaking is calming down, of course it wont completely go away, but i am going to buy the full spectrum 10% for her and see how that goes. We are very grateful to have found your products.

  17. Dave Arkins

    CBD oil has been a godsend for me. After years of dealing with PTSD, I’ve finally found relief in CBD oil. I now use it every day to help keep my anxiety in check.

  18. Ella Mcdrewer

    Just finished my first bottle on my way to buying my second. I have ptsd and on an especially bad day i become very jumpy and restless, i am a consistent user so that definitely makes a difference, at first i didn’t think it was working but after a few days i started to notice a difference definitely stick to it if you haven’t noticed a difference because it is definitely worth the wait.

  19. Almann S

    Works a treat for my OCD, no more intrusive thoughts. I can happily get on with my days. I thought the bottle was a bit small but we will see how long it lasts. A lot of people are saying it lasts quite a while so I’m hopeful.

  20. Zulma Powell

    I recently started using the CBD oil, to help me improve my sleep. One week on and it’s been fantastic, helps me relaxed and therefore I’m falling asleep with more ease. Highly recommend it

  21. Roberta Lang

    I can’t get enough of your CBD oil. I started with the 5% and now I am going to buy your 10% and see how that goes. I would just put a couple drops of CBD in my tea to start off the day, and I have never felt so clear minded. I do not have any specific reason for buying CBD. I just wanted to try it out and see how it made a difference in my life and I am pleasantly surprised.

  22. Dan Bridges

    I am currently in college and i was too stressed out to cope with all my classes and my tutoring. So i thought of buying your CBD oil as it was recommended to me by a friend. It has helped me clear my mind, i don’t feel as stressed and i was able to finally sit down and plan a schedule for everything happening in my life. i am coping much better now so glad i bought from you!

  23. Erick Schwartz

    I have been using your CBD oil for 4 months and so far it has helped me with a number of issues regarding my health. As a dad of 2 i didn’t want to worry my kids by taking medications so your CBD oil is great. I take it once in the morning and once at night. I take it with me almost everywhere just in case. It is very discreet and easy to use. It’s also a great natural way to get the pain relief you need. 10/10 highly recommended.

  24. Andrew Neil

    I like the taste of the CBD oil. I have tried other brands of CBD but some of them taste like chemicals, great packaging and very high quality. It’s great the bottle is glass so when I am finished with the bottle I can reuse it. As I am vegan and very motivated to help the planet, I am glad this product is so sustainable and well produced.The CBD oil is vegan and vegetarian suitable, definitely the best brand of CBD oils out there.

  25. Anya Smith

    Wow it’s just fabulous for the gym with all those aches and pains, i am in my late 40s so going to the gym is quite a challenge, but while i am in the gym and afterwards i have virtually no pains. My knees use to be the worst for it but as i am taking the CBD oil twice a day i have no problems anymore.

  26. lindsey Alan

    I was genuinely surprised by how effective your 5% CBD oil is. I use it before studying because I have quite a difficult time with anxiety and overthinking but studying is a breeze now.

  27. Melanie Trakova

    I work in a hospital so everyday I am seeing and experiencing things you have to have a strong stomach for , but I am not one of those people. Going home after a long day of dealing with sickness and injuries should be relaxing but I am always thinking of what is to happen tomorrow. I thankfully found your website and after using your CBD oil for about a week. I was able to relax to get my mind off the day’s work and enjoy my free time. CBD has been a real life saver for me.

  28. Megan Montgomery

    Great cbd oil me and my sisters use it after dancing because we are always injuring ourselves in one way or another. It lasts quite a long time so don’t let the bottle size throw you off.

  29. Anna Leigh Paige

    Your CBD oil helps me relax if ever I am having a stressful time with my kids. It has helped me cope so well with my postpartum depression as I recently had my 3rd little boy so life is a bit hectic.

  30. Mattson P

    I use to have terrible night terrors because of a quite traumatic experience in the past, always wondered if i could come off my anxiety medication because i would rather not be dependent on pills. Safe to say your CBD oil has helped me come off my pills, helped with my anxiety, and i for the first time in years was able to sleep through the night without a night terror. I cannot recommend your CBD oil enough i have already spoke of it to my family and friends.

  31. Martha Gregory

    Fantastic cbd oil i love the selection. I always had trouble sleeping whereas now i sleep better than ever. I have also ordered a bottle of your 6% pets for a new foster dog so i can’t wait to try that out.

  32. Ellen B

    Me and my husband love it, the 5% is great for relaxing after a stressful day and my husband uses it cause it helps with his sleep. A definite 5 stars.

  33. Nadia V

    great cbd oil it has helped one too many times settle my anxiety, i am considering getting some for my dog milly hopefully it can calm her down too.

  34. Ronnie mills

    i bought CBD oil to resolve my insomnia and it has done exactly that. Best nights sleep i have had in years!!!

  35. Gia Mont

    Loved the 5% cbd oil it eased my back pain tremendously, the time from when i ordered the cbd oil to when it was delivered was very quick. I have tried multiple other brands and i always had a problem mostly because their products were not very effective. I am so glad i finally found a brand that works.

  36. Adam Rogan

    Very effective CBD oil, bit of a strange taste but overall its great, clean packaging, no leaking, works wonders for my stress headaches. My mum wanted to see if it would help with her IBS and she thinks its great, 10/10

  37. Rona Davis

    I’ve personally found CBD oil to be really helpful in managing my stress and depression , I saw CBD was quite a popular option for people going the natural route so i thought about giving it a try and i loved it, I definitely recommend it.

  38. Mary from Sussex

    I struggle with anxiety and as a very health aware person finding a company I felt I could put my trust in to supply me with a genuinely healthy product was very difficult. Looking at pure organic cbd and their products. I was pleasantly surprised to see they are organic, vegan, and very well tested. I ordered 1 bottle of the full spectrum 5%. The delivery was very fast, and the product was in good shape, it felt very high quality and good packaging. The cbd oil itself has a good taste and for me personally it seemed to work quite quickly. I am especially impressed by the terpenes in the cbd oil and the range of issues they seem to target. I also struggle with insomnia and the cbd oil has helped with that tremendously, as well as my anxiety. I have used it everyday since it arrived and will continue to for the foreseeable future.

  39. Fredrick B.

    I bought the CBD drops for my daughter as she is really struggling with studying for her exams she has terrible anxiety and we have tried multiple other CBD brands but since she has been taking the drops she has been more focused is able to study without having panic attacks and is overall so much happier.

  40. Shelly Mcenery

    nice product found it helpful. Wish the bottle was bigger but for the quality of the CBD oil, it was fine. Will order a higher strength next time to save money.

  41. Evalynn M

    I am someone who has panic attacks and I have found that using CBD oil has really helped me. I usually take it before I go to bed or when I feel like I’m starting to feel a panic attack coming on. It really seems to help calm me down and keep the anxiety at bay. I would
    definitely recommend giving it a try.

  42. Ronan Mcaven

    I’m so glad I tried cbd oil . It’s helped me calm down and focus more in school. I don’t get as stressed out now and it’s definitely helped my acne.

  43. Asher Campbell

    delivery took longer than expected, when i have previously ordered from pure organic cbd and they always got it to me quicker but never the less my cbd oil is here in good shape, and as great a product as ever.

  44. Cara Foster

    CBD oil has been a life-saver for me, reducing my chronic pain and anxiety levels significantly within just two months of use. I’m now looking for an oil with a higher concentration of CBD to help me reduce my dependency on prescription medications even further.

  45. Nathan B

    Nice product but i ran out quite quickly as i think the 5% is not a high enough dosage for me.

  46. Nick bruens

    The full spectrum 5% is easy to use and very straightforward. I also love the size of the bottles. It is good for on the go. The shape of the dropper is well made for its purpose of going under the tongue. Unlike other brands whose products were very messy, this CBD oil does not leak.

  47. Yvonne T

    CBD oil has helped me immensely with my disorder. I have been dealing with OCD since I was a child, and CBD oil has been a life-saver. It has helped to reduce my anxiety and intrusive thoughts. CBD oil has also helped me to sleep better at night. I highly recommend CBD oil to anyone suffering from OCD.

  48. James shields

    i am very pleased with your CBD oil. At first i wasn’t sure about buying your 5% because i didn’t think it would make a difference, but i still bought it because i didn’t want to jump straight into a high dose of a product i had never tried before. Safe to say i was too quick to judge and very wrong in my judgement. Your CBD oil has helped me greatly thank you.

  49. heather m

    very effective by far the best cbd oil i have tried, other brands 5% makes little to no difference in my mood swings, glad i found your website , your cbd oil has also helped with my appetite i am very impressed.

  50. Liza Moreno

    I’m extremely happy with my most recent purchase. Great night sleep and reduced anxiety during the day!

  51. Amber Smith

    The CBD oil was Fab it has helped my son with his Tourettes. He appears far more relaxed and always says how wonderful it is he can finally enjoy his dinner and doesn’t have to worry about having an attack.

  52. Zach Bolton

    I love this product. It really tastes like someone wrung a hemp flower out into a bottle. 5 Stars!

  53. Faye Miller

    After 3 days I started feeling less anxious and my right knee stopped hurting when I climbed. 5 stairs!!!

  54. Lee Harrison

    This is the CBD oil that everyone should be using…

  55. Michelle

    Love it! Great results for sleep!

  56. Philip

    This is the most reasonably priced CBD I have found!!!!

  57. Jack Smith

    It tastes pure and natural. Will be buying again next month. Good Customer Service also.

  58. fernando j.

    Good flavour.

  59. Troy Hunt

    I Love this company! Since I started using cbd, I can definitely see a difference in my day to day life.

  60. Raluca mihaela bularda

    Very good quality. The flavour is a little too strong but it’s worth it

  61. Elizabeth

    Ive been using the 10% Full spectrum CBD oil for a week, and I’m very happy with the effects. I’ve been taking the drops with my breakfast of avocado and nuts in which it is absorbed really well. The flavor is also more subtle than other CBD oils that i’ve tried, the experience is a lot more pleasant.

  62. Mr Simon Davies

    Fantastic product! I have trouble sleeping due to my heavy workload and I have tried everything natural. Finally, I’ve found something that helps me sleep. I’ve also had problems with back pain and this really helps. I’ve never written a review before but I felt like I had to share how big this is. Thank you.

  63. Kate L.

    I have used CBD oil in the past, but this brand is helping me a lot more. The aspect, the flavour and the sensation feel a lot more natural and pure. It helps me sleep better and feel better every day. I highly recommend it.

  64. David Bruton

    This is my favourite CBD oil company…
    This is my favourite CBD oil company to date. All their products are organic and it really shows their quality. I take it to help me sleep and it’s made an incredible difference.

  65. Romy L.

    I love this cannabis oil from Pure Organic CBD, I’ve been taking it for a few days and I can already tell that it’s helped me sleep better and to wake up feeling more energized. It has a nice natural flavour. I also like how quickly they responded to my question so I wouldn’t have any doubts before buying. I highly recommend it!

  66. Sue Ellis

    I bought this to help me sleep better and it’s working. Good price and fast delivery.

  67. Daniel Sanders

    very good

  68. Laura Norrie

    Ive been using this product for a year and I love it! I’ve been buying it directly from their website and I was shocked to see it here cheaper! I recommend it 100%

  69. Lucy Bell

    My husband is suffering from a lot of pain in his knees and has been using the Pure Organic CBD 5%. It has made a big difference to alleviating the pain he was suffering it has also lifted his mood.so a winner all round.
    Would certainly recommend the product to anyone.

  70. Sarah Roper

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! Finally I can get a good nights sleep!!! I didn’t know much about CBD oil and I dismissed it at first . Eventually my friend convinced me and after 2/3 weeks I can finally get a proper nights sleep! Will be buying some for the family for Christmas, I just think people need to change their way of thinking about it.

  71. Gary R.

    Just started taking CBD to see if it improves the symptoms of Parkinson’s, after just a few days I feel more relaxed and sleeping better, I will continue using this company because of the excellent customer service provided by Robby and the quality of the product, first class.

  72. Justin M.

    I can highly recommend this product. As you get older i assumed the occasional stiff joint and soreness was a part of life. but is was wrong! A few drops in the morning, a few drops before bed and my discomfort was greatly reduced. Clean tasting and inoffensive. Thanks.

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5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil

With our CBD Oil 5% Full Spectrum 500mg, you can experience the full plant extract and all of the important ingredients of the cannabis plant! Our careful organic cultivation and extraction methods ensures that we preserve all of the powerful constituents including THC and ∆8.

If you are ready to ditch those other brands and jump on the Organic CBD band wagon, this is the perfect product to try! Each drops gives you a modest 2.5 mg of CBD along with a great terpene profile to usher in the benefits you would want like increased focus and energy.

How do I take Full Spectrum 5% CBD Oil?

It is quite easy! Simply take a few drops 2 or 3 times daily. CBD take about 30 minutes to kick in so schedule it around times you want to feel great!

To use, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Shake the bottle for 10 seconds. Make sure the cap is screwed on tight and go for it!
  2. Take the top off and expel all of the CBD in the eye dropper back into the bottle. (Important!)
  3. Take the empty eyedropper and draw in a few drops of oil.
  4. Using a mirror or a partner, place the desired number of drops under your tongue.
  5. Leave the drops there for 2 to 3 minutes.
  6. After this amount of time, use your tongue to move the remaining oil around your mouth. Remember, the more CBD oil you absorb, the better the effect!
  7. Swallow the remaining oil and do not eat or drink for 10 minutes. (Let that CBD work its magic!)
  8. Place the top back on the bottle and store in a dry place.

Do not store Pure Organic CBD products in the refrigerator as they are so pure that the CBD may harden. Better to just keep your bottle out of sunlight and in a safe place. It is best if you leave the bottle in a place you will see all the time so you remember to consistently take it!

Find the Right Dosage for 5% CBD Oil

Full Spectrum 5% CBD is perfect to increase energy, help you sleep and stay focused at work. If you have a busy lifestyle and need a healthy and natural boost, this product is for you.

To dose, first start with a small amount like 3 drops twice a day for the first week. Gradually increase your dosage to 4 drops twice a day and keep it there. CBD takes about a week for the full effect to kick in. Be patient and have faith.

Our 5% CBD oil is not very effective at managing pain or chronic sleep conditions. It is aimed at people who want a natural and daily supplement who will make them feel great everyday.


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